Christmas Came Early For Hog Roast Leamington Spa

It looks Christmas came early this year. Most companies are currently looking for a location to treat their staff to their annual Christmas meal, while one fashion company in Leamington Spa decided to do things a little different this year.  They asked us to cater their Christmas event a little bit early as December tends to be one of their busiest times of the year and of course we were excited to say yes.

The Hog Roast  Leamington Spa team and our Head chef have catered several Christmas parties over the years, but we’re always excited to get back into the spirit for the happiest time of the year. The company’s staff of 200 people were delighted to find out that Hog Roast Leamington Spa not only provide deliciously juicy pork, but also slow roasted turkeys to give the event that special holiday feeling.

Hog Roast Leamington SpaServed with fresh cranberries and sage & onion stuffing the turkey easily brought everyone in the right spirit, all memories of dry meat forgotten and replaced with the taste of our moist and perfectly roasted turkey. Due to our brilliant Head chef, our Hog Roast Leamington Spa team and more than capable rotisseries we were able to feed the hungry party guests without making anyone wait for their food.

Of course, we offered several vegetarian and even vegan options as well to make sure everyone would be pleased and taken care of, leaving the event more than just satisfied. Especially our sides menu was a big hit as always, the freshly made coleslaw leaving everyone wanting more. The variety of our side dishes really happens to offer something to any guest at any event, including mac’ n cheese, various salads and potatoes and of course the team made sure that there was enough of everything, so no one even stood the chance to go home hungry.

The evening was certainly a great success, the guests were more than happy and after our delicious meal, they were already in full on Christmas spirits- at the beginning of November. We do cater parties, weddings and other occasions all over the country and if Hog Roast Leamington Spa can create the right mood for a surprisingly early Christmas party, we’re sure we can cater just about anything. We can’t wait to hear from you.