Corporate Summer BBQ Catered For By Hog Roast Malvern

Founded in 1841, pipe organ manufacturing company, Nicholson & Co are always looking for new ways to celebrate their achievements, and a few years ago they came up with the idea of hosting an annual summer BBQ for members of staff to relax and enjoy their successes as a team. This year, Yvonne was placed in charge of the event and after some thought, she decided to do things a little bit differently by inviting partners and children to the special day for the first time ever! Eager to make the event an unforgettable success, Yvonne picked up the phone and gave the Hog Roast Malvern team a call, who were more than happy to take the stresses of catering for 40 people off her hands.

Hog Roast MalvernWith years of experience under his apron, catering manager Greg was able to come up with the perfect menu for the summer BBQ which at the request of the client didn’t include our signature spit roast. Instead, Yvonne had opted for a tantalising selection of slow roasted meats, a trio of colourful salads and a couple of meat-free alternatives for those following plant-based diets to be served on our eco-friendly wooden crockery and cutlery.

It wasn’t long before word got out that the Hog Roast Malvern catering team were in charge of the much-anticipated BBQ and for the next few weeks, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement! Finally, on the first Friday of the month, the Nicholson & Co team kicked off their weekend early after the catering crew announced the completion of the buffet that they had spent much of the afternoon cooking up. Platters of locally sourced free-range chicken with chipolata sausages, stuffing and homemade onion gravy; rosemary seasoned spring lamb, sirloin of roast beef and grilled vegetable with optional haloumi skewers were served up alongside freshly prepared salads and gluten-free rolls which the guests were keen to get stuck into.

Yvonne and her co-workers were so pleased with the delicious buffet and efficient service from Greg and the rest of the catering crew that they have decided to repeat the event next year – and they have announced that they will be happily returning to Hog Roast Malvern!