‘Peace of mind’ is essential on your big day to ensure you enjoy your celebrations as much as possible  and that you give your guests the best possible hospitality. With this in mind, we fully understand any concerns you may have regarding us meeting your exact requirements, and attention to detail. Because we found this to be a very frequently addressed concern, a long time ago, we introduced an ‘Event Schedule’ which acts as a sort of ‘Contract of Sale’ between us the caterers, and you, the client. This details every requirement from yourselves, and every aspect of the work we have promised to carry out. This is noted down from the very first time you contact us to ensure nothing is left to chance.

The way this works is as follows:

  1.          Initially we receive your enquiry either via our website, email or phone call. We fill in all contact details, venue and location details, and approximate guest numbers. We also note down your first ideas of requirements and what exactly you are looking for, for example a hog roast to feed 250 people, along with Jacket Potatoes and salads.
  2.          Secondly, we draw up a basic quotation based on this information and forward this to you either via email or in person with a hard copy. This initial quote will be accompanied by a list of extras you may require, or ideas we think would enhance your celebration that you may not have thought of as yet. With our 28 years combined experience in the catering business, we have just about seen it all! And we’re full of ideas for those people who know what they want, but need that certain something extra that they cant put their finger on!
  3.         The next stage is for us to discuss the essential details, such as arrival time, serving time, access to the venue, access when we leave etc. Many people overlook details such as the width of the access to the venue. It is important we can get our machines or barbecues in and out of the area if this is required. But fear not! On one occasion many moons ago, we arrived at a pub in Dudley to find that there was a six foot high fence with a one foot walk way, making it impossible (or so our client thought!) to get the machine into the venue. However, with a bit of brut force (and a few friendly burly local punters) we lifted the machine over the fence, to the delight of 250 hungry partygoers!
  4.          Finally, if you as the client is happy with everything we have discussed and noted down, we discuss the finer details of the event and complete the event schedule. For example, would you require paper napkins or would you prefer cotton? If we are attending a wedding, would you like a photograph opportunity of the newly weds making the first cuts on the roasted hog? Do you require front of house staff to serve champagne and greet your guests? These details will be finalised and added to your event schedule.
  5.          An outline of basic terms and conditions is also included on the paperwork, outlining details such as cancellation details, and our obligations to you as our client. We also like to point out here, that we ask for the full balance to be paid before the event commences. We can also provide copies of our public liability insurance, HACCP, Risk Assessments and Hygiene certificates if required.
  6.          We will then send you two hard copies of this Event Schedule in the post, complete with final price and 10% deposit to be paid before the event. A deposit is a security for both parties. It secures your booking in our schedule, and also gives you the peace of mind that a deposit is legally binding. (It also means a fraction of your final balance will have already been paid when it comes to the final payment!)
  7.          One copy is to be sent back to us signed and dated once you have checked all of the details, and one copy is for you to keep for your records. We will of course supply a receipt for your deposit payment, and a receipt for the full balance upon payment.
  8.         We do however like to point out that within reason and with reasonable notice, you can change any details outlined, we know how difficult these events are to plan for anyone, so we will try to help and assist you with anything you require, and will always endeavour to ensure we provide the best quality catering, with the friendliest and most professional staff at prices you can afford.