Footballing Fuel from Hog Roast Coalville!

Here at Hog Roast Coalville we are always asked to cater for such a variety of events which is what keeps us on our toes and makes every day so interesting. In the past we have catered weddings, birthdays, leaving parties and even corporate events but last weekend was different, we had been asked by Coalville’s football team to come and supply catering for the under 11s football tournament which saw the surrounding local teams compete for a trophy after a huge tournament. We were thrilled to be asked and knew we would have a lot on our plate with lots of hungry kids and parents after the tournament so got to work planning a fulfilling but still healthy menu.

We planned to have a traditional whole roasted hog that would provide food for most of the attendees which would be served Surrey - veggie skewers2on our freshly baked rolls so that it could be eaten on the go between matches for a quick refuel. We also prepared some gluten free rolls as there were some people with dietary requirements which was no trouble, our chef always makes our food fresh on the day so whenever there are any special requirements we can always do our best to cater to them. We also made some vegetarian options in the form of a quiche Lorraine and vegetable and halloumi skewers which always go down a treat even with the meat eaters. With everything prepared all that was left to do was cook the Hog Roast Coalville and await the impending crowds of hungry kids…

By mid-afternoon the winners had been announced and it was victory for Coalville’s team! Hog Roast Coalville celebrated as this meant another year of hosting the tournament and after all the glowing reviews we received from the kids we had a feeling we would be asked back to cater another delicious Hog Roast Coalville next year!