Hog Roast Bridgnorth

The Best Hog Roasts in Bridgnorth

bridgnorthBridgnorth is in the Severn Valley, and it is split into the Low Town and the High Town. The River Severn separates the upper town from the lower one. The Castle Hill Railway is a funicular railway which links the high and low towns; it is unique as it is the only inland railway of its type in the entire country. The ruins of Bridgnorth Castle are a major Bridgnorth landmark. Other notable buildings are the seventeenth century Bridgnorth Town Hall, a half-timbered building, and the Northgate which used to be a town gate; there is now a Museum inside it.

Here at Hog roast Bridgnorth we do both hog roast catering (the full service) as well as hog roast hire Bridgnorth (when we hire out hog roast machines to customers who don’t require a catering service and want a more relaxed, DIY hog roast.)

Leaders in Our Field

This evening we had to deliver a hog roast machine. It was freezing outside. It’s a busy time of year for us. The hog roast machine was for a Christmas party that a couple was throwing for their family and friends, in the function room of a local pub. About 30 people were expected, so it wasn’t a huge do. Usually the bigger events require catering instead of just hiring the machine. First off, we went to get a machine and did the usual checks to make sure it was clean and working properly. We always do this at hog roast hire Bridgnorth. Then Chris and I loaded it into the van.

Surrey - salad3We’re very much about teamwork; it’s a sort of family, I guess. It was easy to find the pub, and we lifted it out of the van – which can be a little tricky – and carried the machine into the pub. The bar girl told us where to take it and we wheeled it into the room. The couple was young, and they looked suitably festive. I showed them how to operate the machine – it’s very easy – and since their roast was already in the room, we helped them secure the roast in the machine. It began to turn, the lights gleaming on its juicy skin. I suggested they use applesauce to really bring out the taste. The couple thanked us and seemed pretty excited; they said they’d never tried doing this or had a hog roast before.