Hog Roast Castle Donington

The Best Hog Roasts in Castle Donington

doningtonCastle Donington may be famous for its place on the annual festival circuit, with metal heads in their thousands descending on the town once a year to take in some of the best British and international heavy guitar bands, but there are plenty of other great reasons to come to town all year round. And if one in particular stands out, it’s got to be the chance to sample some of the best roast meats in the country courtesy of hog roast Castle Donington!

Our rare breed hogs, roasted slowly on the spit, served up with home made stuffing, gravy and apple sauce really are the best in the country – we are the headline act, as it were – top of the bill. We have a lot of dedicated fans who book us over and over again and always clamour for more. I’ve never seen any other events caterer get a standing ovation at the end of the evening, but it’s happened for us several times. They just can’t get enough of hog roast hire Castle Donington around here – there’s no talk of a comeback, because we’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Why are we so well-loved, you ask? Well, let me tell you a little bit more about that slow roasted pork.

The first thing you notice is the beautiful golden crispy crackling encasing the tender meat inside – we make sure to put a little bit in each roll to make sure that we’re fair on everybody. We often get requests to put just a little bit more in each bun because it is so Surrey - salad3good but if we let the first people who got to us have as much as they wanted then it would be the first thing to go and there wouldn’t be any left for the rest of the customers, which is hardly fair on the Johnny-come-latelies. We carve straight off the spit, so if you’re watching us when we crack through that outer layer of crisped up skin, you’ll see a nice insulating layer of soft subdermal fat and beneath it the pale and juicy flesh of the pig. Our pork has to be tasted to be believed, it’s in a whole different league to pork cooked in a home kitchen. One of the many benefits of our roasting a whole animal is that it really efficiently retains all the juices to make for a tender cut of meat that melts in the mouth – the texture is like nothing else. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the only way to eat pork that really does justice to the full possibilities of a rare-breed hog. Trust me – if you see us, make sure you get in line quick because you will want to have time to come back for a second go.

Hog Roast Castle Donington Machines

The festival is rightly famous for bringing the metal to town, but here at hog roast hire Castle Donington we’ve got some heavy metal of our own! Yes, that’s right, I’m referring to our stainless steel Spitting Pig roasting machines – you can’t get more metal than Northamptonshire - pig3that. These machines are serious pieces of kit, capable of taking on any roasting job you can imagine and they make short work of a hog. I say short work – it’s more like long, slow, easy work, cooking the hog right through over six or seven hours until the meat has that perfect tender pull apart texture that will have your guests coming back again and again for more servings. And it’s so easy to get good results, we’ll even let you rent a machine of your own so you can be the master chef for the day of your event! We do all the hard work so you don’t have to – we’ll drop the roaster off at the beginning of the day, offer a few helpful hints and tips if necessary, and collect it when you’re finished. We do the cleaning, so when you’re done you can sit down and polish off the leftovers without having to worry about any serious scrubbing down. We’ll even source and supply the hog for you if you like – and remember, we know all the best butchers in the area. So for a stress free day make sure you get hold of hog roast Castle Donington, and whether you want full table service or you’re having a go at roasting your own we can guarantee that as far as the food is concerned things will go off without a hitch.