A Hog Roast Corporate Lunch With Hog Roast Banbury

Recently, the Hog Roast Banbury team were hired by a corporate client, Progressive Technology, to deliver a lunch time service. The location of the company, on Hambridge Lane, was slightly outside of their team’s normal area, however, the Hog Roast team were more than willing to travel out a bit further to cater for this company and deliver a great service. The event was organised by Katie from Progressive Technology and she did a fantastic job of bringing the event together. As common with corporate events, the company had a large number of staff that the Hog Roast team needed to serve in a short time period.

Hog Roast Banbury Katie had ordered the traditional Menu One for the event, choosing the Roasted Pig, one of the Hog Roast Banbury’s team’s classics, for the staff. She had also selected the popular vegetarian skewers to accompany the meats and selected the mixed salad and coleslaw, served with sausages, to create a fantastic buffet. The company requested that the rustic Hog Roast served 130 people and the team served it on time as the company wanted the buffet to be served between 4 pm and 4:30 pm.

The event was overseen by the Head Chef, Greg, who ensured that the Hog Roast Banbury team delivered a great service to the company’s staff. Despite the chilly weather, the Hog Roast team ensured that they upheld their usually standards and that the food was all of great quality. All the food was served fresh, straight from the company’s roasting machines and onto the buffet. The food was thoroughly enjoyed by the staff of Progressive Technology and the Hog Roast Banbury team were pleased that they have travelled that little bit further to bring their delicious food to the company’s fantastic staff.

The buffet was a fantastic success and there was plenty of food for the staff to return for second and third portions. They Hog Roast was a great way to boost the staff’s days and for the company to say a big thank you to their staff for all the hard work they had put in.