Hog Roast Didcot at AVG Technologies

Here at Hog Roast Didcot despite the name we actually do much more than just our delicious, slow roasted hogs. In fact, our teams of professional chefs can prepare any meat of your choosing, cooked to your specifications and with the addition of a whole range of our signature marinades and rubs. What’s more is that we even have extensive menus containing meat free alternatives and should there ever be anything you feel is missing one of our Hog Roast Didcot chefs will always be willing to go above and beyond, creating a bespoke menu that covers everything you could wish for.

As we are sadly drawing to the end of summer and entering the rainy autumn months Hog Roast Didcot had just enough time to squeeze in one last BBQ before the weather dictates that its back to hearty, whole some roasts for the next couple of months. We had been contacted by AVG Technologies (AVAST) to come along and provide a corporate BBQ for twenty-five of their guests at their base in Maidenhead. Hog Roast Didcot catering manager Greg was thrilled to accept the invitation as any excuse to make summer last that little but longer with another BBQ.

For this events BBQ menu we had sourced plenty of our finest butcher’s selection meats to be BBQed on our hog roasting machine. Hand made British beef burgers and chefs own gourmet sausages were complemented by some Thai chicken kebabs and BBQ meaty marinated spareribs. For the meat free alternatives, we had our speciality grilled vegetable and halloumi skewers and of course brought along some gluten free bread rolls to ensure everyone would be able to enjoy the BBQ.

Once the meat had been cooking away beautifully for a few hours we served everything up onto wooden crockery and cutlery making for minimal clean up afterwards. What a lovely end to the summer!