Hog Roast Evesham – Corporate Catering For A Team Building Event

Are you planning your own party for a special event, social occasion or corporate hospitality and wondering what food you could serve to impress your guests? With Hog Roast Evesham, there’s no need to wonder anymore, as we have a wide range of tasty options to suit every palate and that includes guests who are on special diets too. Whether you’re organising your wedding day meal, a posh ball, a simple backyard barbecue or a school fair, or anything else you can think of where food is served, we have the means and the dedicated staff to make your event go with a bang. And not just on Bonfire Night!

When we were booked in to cater a corporate function recently, Northamptonshire - cracklinit was for a team-building event where Hog Roast Evesham would provide refreshments in the break-time and then serve our famous pigs in buns at lunchtime. We can provide all kinds of services, and we’re often asked us to serve drinks, canapés and much more than hog roasts. While cooking a mean hog roast from scratch is our spectacular speciality, we are known for so much more, and that includes spit-roasting chicken, turkey, lamb and beef, cooking barbecues, serving homemade starters, desserts, and sides and also creating alternative dishes, in order to ensure that everyone is well-fed.

For this particular team-building event, Shelley asked us to provide our amazing pigs in buns, which we create by cooking a hog on-site for several hours, then cramming the meat and crackling into soft, floury bread rolls and wraps, followed by a dollop of our apple sauce and stuffing. They are massively popular and no one can get enough of the taste, sight or smell.

Hog Roast Evesham arrived at the business venue hours before the lunchtime food service, set up our equipment and prepared the hog for its roasting. While it was sizzling away, we served the 60 guests various refreshments, including coffee, tea, bottled water, and soft drinks, and plenty of people commented on the amazing smells coming from the hog roast machine. By 1pm, the guests were queuing up for a taste of heaven, so we got our carving knives out, ready to slice up the hog and satisfy their hunger.