Hog Roast Frankley Providing Lawrence’s Favourite Food

Hog Roast Frankley catering is famous around these parts but also further away too, as we often cater nationally as well as locally. We are occasionally asked to cater outside of our usual areas to cover for other franchises and sometimes they will do the same for us, which is great for our customers who might have a last-minute booking. You can always check with us for late availability because of this, so don’t just assume it’s too late for us to provide fantastic catering for your party or event, as we often can.

Hog Roast FrankleyJust recently, Lawrence contacted us, gloomily expecting us to not be able to cater a private party that he had put together last-minute to celebrate a new job offer, so when we said we easily could, he was thrilled. Lawrence has often used our services in the past, and we’ve catered both his private and corporate functions and he also sometimes hires our own range of hog roasting machines so that he can DIY. We have more strings to our bow than you might realise, and we even sell our own equipment and train people to cater just like us!

For Lawrence’s party, which he was hosting at home with a group of his friends, he asked Hog Roast Frankley to cook his favourite dish – our famous pigs in buns, made with hot, fresh meat and crackling, homemade apple sauce and our own-recipe sage and onion stuffing, all crammed into fresh, floury bread rolls (or wraps if preferred). While we can cook many alternatives if needed, including barbecued or marinated meats, spit-roasted chicken, turkey, lamb or beef, and we also have a whole host of options for special diets, sometimes our signature pigs in buns are just the ticket, and that they were for this particular get-together.

With less than fifteen people to cook for, our Hog Roast Frankley chef could easily cater this party by himself, so on Friday evening he prepared and cooked a small hog that would feed everyone seconds or more and once it was resting, he dished up the apple sauce and stuffing, sliced the bread rolls and got ready to serve.