Hog Roast Ibstock

The Best Hog Roasts in Ibstock

ibstockWhen people who’ve been on the right side of the Spitting Pig serving table hear our name, the memories come flashing back, they remember a whole roasting hog, how tasty it was and how it painted the perfect picture for the event and really excited them and the other guests. To invest in that and have your own Spitting Pig memories you need only book us today for any event that you’re planning, despite being as busy as ever there’s always space for new hog roast Ibstock lients and friends.

One thing that’s been keeping us active and full of energy is driving around in our van to all areas of the village, dropping of hog roast machines. The machines aren’t being bought, they’re being hired by people who’ve discovered hog roast hire Ibstock which gives you the chance to hire hog and spit machines and cook for your own event, or events if you’re thinking of hiring for a while. Hog roast hire is available for 1 day, 1 week or 1 month. Most hire for a day for just the one event, for your business you can hire for months on end if you need.

qaIbstock punches above and beyond it’s weight in quite a few regards, but none are so apparent as with catering. We’re proud to say that we’re one of the big reasons for that, because despite the small and humble nature of Ibstock, what the village has in Spitting Pig is a tried and tested top-level caterer. We’re a well respected caterer with professional qualities, revered most for hog roasting particularly, but just as praised for our equally ingenious spit and tray roasts of top-quality poultry such as turkey and chicken, or other meat options like lamb or beef.

Leaders in Our Field

They’re equally tasty, but in Ibstock we seem to have a tooth for roast pig above all else. We’re not sure why the preference is so strong in Ibstock, why we love our spit roasted pigs as much as we do, maybe we’ve all read Animal Farm one too many times and want to get back at the pigs, who knows, but if there’s one thing we do know it’s that the plaudits are well deserved. Our roasted pigs and meats really do taste that good.

111We’ve been blessed to have had our hog roast Ibstock booked frequently, including for big local events, from the monthly farmers market to the yearly New year’s Eve Party. It’s always a pleasure to hog roast at events like this, but we know that most the butter for our bread comes from private clients, clients who discover that our catering class is as good, hog roasts as juicy and tasty, whether we’re catering for hundreds at an annual commercial event, or catering for you and your friends for a small party or get-together.

Your Party, Your Food, Your Choice

Collectively and individualy, our chefs are in a league of their own where cooking and catering are concerned. Care is taken on every service by chefs and hog roast specialist chefs to create a flawless meal for each client, each event. If you’re looking for a caterer for an event with 500 guests, or an event with a much smaller count of 50, you can count on Spitting Pig in any case to bring our absolute A-game. An array of delicious foods made with precise detail is what we do well, it’s a true talent we’ve developed over the decades.

FullSizeRenderIt’s also true that in Ibstock we tend to be much more hands on and willing for adventure than in other places, many of our chefs have traveled but nowhere is it quite like here, seeking out new experiences is very common and in response we wanted to do something for those of you who don’t mind dirtying your hands with work now and again, and so we’re back to the hog roast hire Ibstock service. We did it because we know from experience that hog roasting is rewarding in more ways than one, sure it’s great to get to eat a hog roast with how unbelievably ambrosial they undoubtedly are, but in our line of work we know the other side of the machine and it’s just as invigorating when you’re tending to a gold pig atop one of our spit roasting machines. Pigs aren’t the only enjoyable things you can cook, people who hire enjoy cooking lamb, chickens, turkeys and other whole meats, it all comes down to your taste.