Hog Roast Redditch for a Local Dog Show!

It may not have been Crufts but the local dog show the Hog Roast Redditch team were asked to cater for last week was certainly the next best thing, with proud owners and perfectly turned out pooches everywhere we looked!

We might not be experts on dog training, we are certainly experts when it comes providing awesome, freshly cooked food for a large crowd, which is why we were the show organisers’ first port of call for the catering!

Hog Roast Redditch

We arrived several hours before show time to allow ourselves enough time to slow roast our pork to perfection ready to be served at 12pm when the event started. The venue was full of nervous owners completing last minute training and grooming before taking centre stage with their dogs and whilst we couldn’t help them with that side of things, we could certainly make them feel better at the prospect of a tasty treat after their big moment!

So, whilst the canine competitors and their owners were being put through their paces in a series of obstacle courses, grooming and obedience challenges, the Hog Roast Redditch team were busy putting the finishing touches to our signature roast pork sandwiches, served with crunchy crackling and our own homemade apple sauce for the hungry spectators and participants!

Our relaxed buffet style service led by our friendly and super-efficient catering assistant, allowed our grateful diners to come and go as they pleased in between events, keeping everyone fuelled, happy and well fed throughout the afternoon as the competition progressed.

Those who won rosettes were delighted and those who didn’t were just relieved their dogs didn’t make too much of a show themselves in front of the audience! It was great fun to watch but we were glad we were on the side lines doing what we do best, rather than in the middle of the arena!

Spectators, participants and pets alike had a great day and whilst the dogs were being rewarded with their own treats, their owners were enjoying a well-earned slow-roasted pork sandwich courtesy of Hog Roast Redditch!