Hog Roast Southam

The Best Hog Roasts in Southam

SouthamI remember many years ago when I was very little being taken to a wedding evening reception by my parents. I remember it being noisy and full of people I did not know from Adam. I recall the best about the whole night was the disco and I think I spent most of the night sliding on my knees across the dance floor (much to my mum’s annoyance). I certainly did not enjoy the food though. It was pretty much the same sort of stuff that my folks would buy in if we had a buffet. I thought weddings were special. Still, that was about twenty years ago, but some people still put up with that sort of food at special events and I find that unbelievable. In fact it was at such a party about four years ago in Southam that finally convinced me that I could actually do something to change all that. It was then that I decided to pursue my career as a hog roast Southam caterer. I had been inspired by attending a friend’s party down south. They had brought in a hog roast chef and it was a brilliant decision because the food was amazing and everyone was commenting on how superb the food was. It was, too. Delicious meat cooked just right and not a cold sausage roll or chicken drummer to be seen. I was a convert.

Devon - pig7Of course, you can’t just become a hog roast Southam chef overnight but all the hard work was worth it and four years on I am extremely busy every week with new functions to cater for. It is really great though and I love every minute. In fact I think I must bore my friends silly when I constantly tell them what a great job I have. Maybe they are just jealous! Of course, a popular task for this hog roast hire Southam chef is to cater for wedding breakfasts. These are probably some of the most important events I attend because you have been asked to help make someone’s big day extra special by providing the food. Although it can be a bit stressful, it’s a great honour to prepare a couple’s first meal together as a wedded couple. It also gives me the opportunity to show people just how special and versatile a hog roast can be. It’s always nice to serve up something a bit special and my gourmet hog roast is just such a dish. I can show off a bit by carving lovely slices of meat to help create a really smart looking meal. It is great to show just what can be done with a meat that you wouldn’t normally associate with a wedding.

The Full Package

When you book me as a hog roast hire Southam chef, you don’t just get food, you get a total catering service. The whole point of getting me involved is to help take away all the fear and worry so that you can sit back and relax and enjoy your event. Catering is a big job and you may be surprised at the graft I have to put in. It all looks very simple, I guess. There I am with the whole pig on the hog roasting machine. How difficult can it be, you may be asking? Well, the principles of cooking a hog roast are quite simple but there’s a lot more to it than that.

qaWhat your guests won’t see is me cooking the whole pig for a good five hours or so before they arrive. That’s right, because a hog roast usually takes about six hours to cook. Now I know that people love to see cooking in action but there is normally a limit to people’s patience, so putting them through six hours is a tad much. This way, they can see me doing my thing for a good hour before they cannot wait any longer. They do love watching me tend to the hog roast, though. I think many people are so surprised and delighted to learn that their meal is being freshly cooked that it is a bit of a novelty for them. I even have to pose for the odd photograph, not that I mind.

Every week I am getting more and more enquiries about hog roast, for birthdays, charity events, corporate occasions, you name it. Seems that hog roast is a bit Southam favourite. If you are stuck for what catering to choose, why not let me sort it out for you?