Hog Roast Warwick – Catering For A Children’s Halloween Disco

Children are renowned for being fussy eaters; if they love something one week, you can pretty much guarantee they will hate it the next. We’ve all been there! This flip-flopping often leaves parents in a state of bewilderment and worry – especially when it comes to organising family-friendly parties. Fortunately, Hog Roast Warwick has the perfect solution to this age-old problem and with our long list of delicious menus that can be easily adapted to suit your little one’s needs, we’re proud to say that our famous hog roasts are impossible for even the pickiest of eaters to pass up.

Hog Roast WarwickImmediately drawn to our tasty range of catering packages which suit an all manner of dietary requirements, mum of three and head of the PTA Serena got in touch with our customer service team to discuss catering for an event she had recently been placed in charge of planning for her children’s school. With Halloween just around the corner, she was looking for an irresistible menu to feed 200 students who had purchased tickets for the school’s annual spooky disco and at the recommendation of our experienced catering manager, she selected our classic hog roast menu with a few added child-friendly options.

Working towards the 6 pm serving time meant that the Hog Roast Warwick catering crew had to arrive on-site before school broke out for the day which quickly caught the interest of the pupils. After setting up in the main hall, the team banded together to create the handmade burger patties from 100% locally sourced free-range beef, gourmet sausages, chicken kebabs and meaty marinated spare ribs. Vegetarians and vegans were to be given a meat-free alternative of grilled vegetable skewers with optionable haloumi and a Tzatziki dip which they could pair with the inclusive side options of golden fries, mac & cheese and gluten-free rolls and wraps.

When the children returned in the early evening – unrecognisable in their chosen costumes – they took in the festive scene of carved pumpkins, hanging skeletons and faux creepy crawlies before making a beeline for the buffet table where they piled their disposable Halloween themed plates high with the mouth-watering hot dogs and burger selection. The food was well received and Serena has since been in touch to thank Hog Roast Warwick for making her job so much easier.