Used Hogmaster Machine – Hog Roast Solihull

You may already know Hog Roast Solihull as a renowned catering service, providing all kinds of tasty dishes for all kinds of parties and events both near and far. You may even know us as a trusted supplier of hog roast machines to hire, so you can have your own DIY hog or spit roast at home, or at another venue of your choice. But did you know that we also sell our own range of hog roast machines? We have a full range of stainless steel machines, all highly versatile and capable of cooking fantastic food and not just hog and spit roasts – they act like conventional ovens, so you can cook pretty much anything you like inside, including vegetables, potatoes or even pizzas! We have various accessories and attachments, too, so you can barbecue meat on top, for example. 

If you’re thinking of buying your own hog roast machine, Hog IMG_3683Roast Solihull also often has used machines for sale, when our customers trade theirs in for newer models. With a used model, you get the same excellent capabilities but at a fraction of the price, and we make sure that it is in great condition for sale. Our highly skilled engineers comprehensively refurbish our used stock, and we’re so confident in them that we include a 12-month warranty, just like we do with our new machines, and a 12-month gas check certificate too.

Our Hog Roast Solihull customer Dennis came to us recently, looking for a used Hogmaster, which is a clear favourite with caterers like himself. They are easy to use and very versatile, and as Dennis already has three for his events business, he knows how great they are to create delicious hog and spit roasts and so much more. Having bought three used Hogmaster hog roast machines from us in the past, which are still going strong, Dennis was in the market for another to work alongside the others, and as luck would have it, we had one in stock that had barely been used and was going for a song.

This isn’t always the case, as our used machines aren’t around for long, so if you’re thinking of buying one, give us a call today!